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With this being said, the 3DS needs to have the ModChip/R4 Flash Card for 3DS or the SoftMod solution so that it can run an unsigned code and be able to play the following programs:

  • 3DS Organize – this program makes it possible for you to use the 3DS as a PDA, which allows it to become even more useful. You will see that it will now be equipped with a Calendar, Calculator, as well as a To-Do list and an application for putting in Notes. You can also use the Web browser to check RSS feeds as well as surf through various websites on a text view. If you have a blog, you can also check your blog using it, though the photos may not be show, still the content can be viewed.
  • MoonShell 3DS – you will definitel love this program since it is considered as the best home-made player for media files. It will be compatible with almost any kind of music file which means that you can listen to all your MP3s, take a look at photos and even read files in text and watch a video.
  • 3DS Mail – this program supports POP3 as well as the IMAP mail client. Your connection will also be secured since it is equipped with SSL support.


Website : www.3DS Homeberw.com

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